The 2015 Oktoberfest concluded Monday October 12th after a very successful 4 day run. The PLP Board of Directors would like to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to:

Jim, Sue, and Kristie Jeffery, owners of American Prospector Treasure Seeker

Joe and Karen Martori, owners of the Sleepy Bear Mine

Jack and Gerri Williams, owners of Miners Keepers

In addition, this event would not have happened without the participation of the 300 strong friends and family members who paid good money to attend this outing and make it a success. And not to be forgotten are the group of volunteers in safety green T-shirts who donated their time to make this fundraiser a well run, organized gathering.

A special thank you goes out to these vendors and manufacturers:

Pat Keene of Keene Engineering: Pat provided the men and extra mining equipment for the Common Dig. He also donated a Keene 151S Drywasher as one of the giveaway prizes.

GPAA: Thanks to Brandon Johnson and Dominic Ricci for donating the panning booths for the Oktoberfest. The kids had a great experience panning out gold and gems.

Curt Tims, owner of Little Digger Mining & Supply: Curt set up mining equipment, ran demonstrations and answered questions all day every day. Curt is a big PLP supporter and operates his business in Johannesburg.

Bill Samarin, owner of Mad Mining: Bill is also a large PLP supporter. Like Curt, Bill set up mining equipment, ran demonstrations and answered questions all day every day. He helped make the PLP booth area an interesting place to visit.

Scott Harn, publisher of ICMJ: Scott donated the latest edition of the ICMJ to the attendees of the event. He also presented PLP with a sizeable donation check for PLP memberships bought through his magazine.

Mike Scott of First Texas Products: Mike set up a booth with First Texas products and several giveaways for the Oktoberfest participants.

Whites Electronics: Whites donated a metal detector for one of the giveaway prizes.

First Texas Products: First Texas donated a metal detector for one of the giveaway prizes.

Minelab USA: Minelab donated a metal detector for one of the giveaway prizes.

Although the weather was a bit hot for this time of year in the California desert, that fact did not slow down the participants from prospecting on Sleepy Bear’s 400 acres. Some reported finding good amounts, and others not quite so much. The Saturday night barbecue was fantastic, with brisket, pulled pork, tri-tip and 2 types of sausage. The pot luck sides and desserts offered something for everyone, as did the music that played for 2 days. After the event concluded, there could be hardly a piece of trash found. The folks camping on the grounds left it spotless. The PLP Board can think of no better place to have been October 9-12, and we suspect most if not all of the 300 strong feel the same way.

Thank you,                                                                                                                                                                                 Public Lands for the People

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