Monday, October 12th

TOMORROW 8:AM Your Attendance Is Requested


Senator Feinstein has organized an AMBUSH Public Hearing & Invited the President of the USA to attend and try to Shut Down 2,000,000. ACRES of Public Land….

PLEASE JOIN US TOMORROW, OCTOBER 13TH for the Public meeting on proposed Mojave Trails, Sand to Snow and Castle Mountains national monuments.  

WHEN: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2015 AT 2PM Tomorrow! You must arrive at 8am or earlier or you will never get in!

WHERE: The Wildlands Conservancy’s Whitewater Preserve, 9160 Whitewater Canyon Road, Whitewater, CA 92282

LOCATION: Near the Palm Springs area. Directions will be provided below.

This is in a remote location after a 3 day holiday weekend with very little advance notice. This is not an accident.

There are only 23 parking spaces at the Wildlands Conservancy. Arrangements have made for another 100 parking spaces along the road. There are approximately 300 seats available inside the conservancy grounds under a tent. There is a nice picnic area there with gas stoves only. There is little to no cell service in the area. Please bring plenty of water and something to snack on.

The Environmental Lobby made arraignments to bus in over 400 of their supporters in a deliberate effort to keep “Mining & Public Lands for the People, Out”. Walt Wegner, President of PLP, will be present at this event to speak.

In order for Minerals and Mining Advisory Council (MMAC) and Public Lands for the People (PLP) to have representation at this hearing we need you to show up before 8am to have a chance of finding parking and seating before you are deliberately locked out!

Anyone that wants to prevent 2 million acres from being removed from public access without Congressional approval should show up and protest this action. Fill out a Public Comment Card and speak for your (3) minutes. Please remember to dress in an appropriate manner, as this event should be covered by the regional press.

Feinstein has every intention of having Obama sign an Executive Order in the same fashion that the San Gabriel National Monument was accomplished, going around Congress and the Senate.

Feinstein’s Leftist organizations have been notifying conservancy members and supporters for over a month about this “Public Hearing” in an effort to keep everyone else (us the public) out. Congressman Bishop & Cook did not even get a week’s notice! 

If we are going to stop Feinstein’s land grab and another misuse of Presidential powers we must show up and have our voices heard!

Thank you very much,

Public Lands for the People



– Going East on Interstate 10 you’ll see Morongo Trail Exit (Exit 104) – continue on from there for another approximately 9.4 miles to Whitewater Exit (Exit 114)

– Take the Whitewater Exit (Exit 114)

– Go left, over the freeway for approx. .4 miles to Whitewater Canyon Rd

– Turn left onto Whitewater Canyon Rd

– The location is in approx 4.5 miles, the road dead ends into the property.

  (This location is where the old Whitewater Trout Hatchery was)



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