2022 Grand Raffle WINNERS!

Thank you to all our donors and all who participated by purchasing tickets! We are gearing up for the 2023 Grand Raffle, contact us if you would like to donate a prize.

The 2022 GRAND RAFFLE Winners are:
Razor Gators donated by www.goldrushtradingpost.com :Calvin Courtnier
Reinke Mining Adventure One year membership donated by www.reinkegoldmining.com :Bruce Madson
Reinke Mining Adventure One year membership www.reinkegoldmining.com :Roger Plata
One Day Trip with Reinke Mining Adventures www.reinkegoldmining.com :Marilyn Nunes
3 0r 4-day Roaring Camp Trip donated by www.roaringcampgold.com :Eras Gattshall
Quarter Ounce gold nugget donated by www.minerskeepers.com :Frank Benard
4-Stack Gold Cube donated by www.goldcube.net :Rocky Tester
Gold Fever Adventure Campground trip donated by http://www.goldfeveradventuresandresort.com/ :Eric Murray
Gold/Quartz specimens donated by MeetingoftheMines7@gmail.com :Tom Neumeyer
Thompson Puffer donated by www.madmining.com :Roger Plata
Minelab Equinox donated by www.theminerscache.com :Harry A. Phillips
Fisher Gold Bug 2 donated by www.fisherlab.com :Bob Carlson
Sierra Blaster donated by www.sierrablaster.com :Robert Daugherty
1 week Skookum Alaska Mining Trip donated by the Harmon Family www.skookumgoldcamp.com :Kim Holmes
New ’49ers LIFE Membership donated by PLP Member Richard Haynes :Stulc
20 Acre Placer Claim donated by Ron Kliewer :Rick Tucker

32 Silver Round winners, donated by PLP for 32 years fighting for your rights!
Jordan Ayotte (won 4 times)
Steven Sherer
Joyce Hughan (won three times)
Frank Benard (won three times)
Robert Davies
Steven Gessler
Calvin Courtnier
Dave Ridenhour
Roger Plata
George Montgomery (won twice)
Teresa Wyckoff
Bill Flint
Kim Holmes (won twice)
Walt Dupois
Eric Murrey
Cindy Shodall
Bob Souza
Roger Sims
Jesse Jimenez (won twice)
Larry Nixon
Julie Hanson

2021 Grand Raffle Winners!

Oregon Dredge Trip #1 Frances McNaul
Oregon Dredge Trip #2 Cheyanne Chapter GPAA
Oregon Dredge Trip #3 Doug Hammond
Fisher Gold Bug 2 Detector: Robert Thurber
20 acre Mining Claim: Brian Zins
Sluicebox #1 Jim Henesh
Sluicebox #2 Thomas Folks
Crevice Kit #1 George Haymans
Crevice Kit #2 Frank Rutkowski
Thompson Drywasher: Jesse Little
Fast Furnace: Ray Christofferson
Laminar Flow Drywasher: Dave Nunes
One Day Mining Trip: Kathy Edberg
Claim Location Service: Ray Christofferson
5 dwt (1/4 Oz) gold nugget: Tony LaValle
4 stack gold cube deluxe: Ernest Nelson
Minelab Equinox Detector: Doug Hammond
Thanks to all who participated this year! Stand by for 2022 prize listing!
Want to help? Donate prizes and make the raffle even better than ever! Contact us at info@publiclandsforthepeople.org
Don’t forget the exciting PLP updates every month in the Mining Journal www.icmj.com

2020 Grand Raffle WINNERS!

A huge thank you to all who participated this year, both the folks who purchased tickets and the companies/individuals who donated prizes! And a big shout out to the Mining Journal for donating ALL the ad space in your fantastic magazine this year! You all have helped PLP continue strong in the fight for our Public Lands Rights!

10 oz. Silver Bar:  Peter Browne

20 acre Mining Claim:  Ron Pace

Minelab Equinox 800: Robert McGrew

Laminar flow Drywasher:  Ers Gattshall

Crevice pick sets: Joe waters and Headwaters GPAA

Guided Motherload Trip:  Rich Velasquez

Crevice Kit :  Patrick Reidt

1106 Sluicebox: Foot Hills Prospectors

Keene 151 Drywasher:  Rich Velasquez

5 oz Silver Bar:   Randy Waters

Fast Furnace: Kurt Owen

18″ Gold Wheel: Jim Henesh

Makro Gold Racer Detector: Eras Gattshall

Silver Reale Coin:  Eras Gattshall

Gold Cube: WY Prospectors Association

Here are the winners for the 1oz Silver Rounds:


Bruce Campbell

John Canaris

Delta Gold Diggers

Don Esch

Eras Gattshall

Vernon Greenland

Neil Hughan

Tony Lavalle

Ernest Nelson


Michael Osterbrink

Frank Rutkowski

Steven Sherer

TJ Silveria

Rich Velasquez

Joe Waters

WY Prospectors Association (twice!)



2019 Grand Raffle Winners!

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s Grand Raffle, both those who donated prizes and those who purchased raffle tickets. Together we made it a success! This raises funds to support the work we are doing to preserve and take back our rights granted to us by the 1872 Mining Act and other key laws.
1. 1/2 ounce nugget: Harold Clapper
2. 4 stack Gold Cube with Trommel: Foothills Prospectors
3. Makro Gold Racer detector: Norman Bauer
4. Mad Mining Electric Drywasher: Betty Peck
5. Mad Ming Cleanup Kit: Brett Humphries
6. Mad Mining 1105 Sluicebox: Doug McCormick
7. Fast furnace Kiln: Frank Madsem.
8. 20 acre mining claim: Aaron Tuck
9. Goldstrike Adventure package: Jon Wentzel
10. Josh Reinke’s Claim Location Service: Everett GPAA Chapter
11. 1851 Colt replica: Michael Smith
12. Spin It Off: Bill Heinle
13. Spin It Off: Francis Mcnaul
14. Bucket Flair: Tony LaValle
15. Bucket Flair: Robert Young
MINI-PREVIEW OF 2020 Grand Raffle and PLP’s 30th Year defending your rights to enjoy multiple use on Public Lands:
1. 10 Ounces of Silver donated by John Godfrey
2. 20 Acre Placer Mining Claim donated by Ron Kliewer
3. And…Much More to Come!

2018 Grand Raffle Winners!

Thank you to all the folks who donated prizes and bought tickets! This helps keep us in the fight for our rights by paying for lawyers and other legal expenses. THANK YOU! If you have something to donate for the 2019 Grand Raffle, let us know ASAP, we are organizing it to begin in a few weeks. Watch for the announcement in the Mining Journal: www.icmj.com

½ ounce gold nugget Donated by minerskeepersom – Richard Kelsey
4 stack gold cube Donated by Goldcube – John Cross
Dry concentrator Mad Mining – Jim Henesh
Macro Gold racer Detector Donated by The Miners Cache – Brian Winter
Mining claim location service Donated by Josh Reinke – Thomas Sager
Stake claim Workshop Donated by Josh Reinke – Dick Tieben
California Mining Claim Donated by Ron Kliewer/ www.goldrushu.com – Roger Bowman
Kwik Kiln Donated by GPK Company – Robert Davies
Recirculating sluicebox Donated by Mad Mining – Laren Crawford
Goldstrike mini washplant package Donated by Goldstrike Adventures – Jeff Lawlis
Fast Furnace Kiln Donated by fastfurnacecompany – Roger wingo
Tike Strike concentrator Donated by Spikestrike sluices – Gearge Cowie
Stowaway concentrator Donated by Spikestrike sluices – Jeffrey Courter
Gold ram panning sluice Donated by Spikestrike sluices – Ron Renter

2017 Grand Raffle WINNERS!


Latest News

Here are the winners of the 2017 PLP Grand Raffle. The drawing took place Tuesday, July 11, 2017 before the regularly scheduled PLP Board Meeting. A BIG thank you to all who participated, and also to the Mining Journal for publishing PLP’s ads. Without everyone’s participation, this would not be possible. This is one of the ways we raise funds to pay our legal team to fight for your rights. THANK YOU!

20 Acre Mining Claim in Washington, CA    $5000.00      1701941 C      J.R. Williams
New 49’er Lifetime Membership    $3500.00      1701404 C      Tony L.
California Mining Claim Location Service    $3000.00      1703468 E      Marty N.
1 Ounce of Gold    $1218.00      1700835 A      Bill W.
Angus MacKirk Orofino Skaker Table    $1595.00      1703299 F    Raymond C.
Makro Gold Racer Metal Detector    $699.00      1702702 E      Luis J.
Dry Concentrator    $625.00      1702640 D      Jami
LDMA National Outing Family 4-Pack    $500.00      1702549 B      Dan R.
LDMA National Outing Family 4-Pack    $500.00      1703265 C      Sean W.
Goldstrike Half-Day Mini Washplant Package    $450.00      1700966 C      Jim R.
½ Ounce of Gold    $609.00      1702873 A      Jason B.
Gold Cube 4 Stack with Stand    $479.00      1703298 D     Raymond C.
50” Folding Power Sluice with Stand    $280.00      1700016 C      Joseph S.
Recirculating Sluice Box    $225.00      1702999 D      Dave S.
Fast Furnace Kiln    $145.00      1703466 D      Marty N.

San Bernardino Court

PLP was present with counsel in court today ready to address four issues before Judge Ochoa. Unfortunately, Judge Ochoa wasn’t ready to hear our cases and moved the hearing back to July 25th, 10 am, 9th floor in San Bernardino Superior Court. We welcome anyone that wants to come out and support our efforts in court to remove the ban on dredging in California.

Ron Kliewer, President


The 2016 PLP Grand Raffle was held Friday, July 22nd at the GPAA Headquarters in Temecula, CA. PLP would like to thank Brandon Johnson and the GPAA for hosting the drawing via live stream, which provided a real time viewing opportunity for everyone. The GPAA’s assistance with advertising the Grand Raffle made this fundraiser a huge success. We would also like to thank all the manufacturers, businesses and individuals to donated all the fabulous prizes.


Gold Nugget Earrings Brenda Cruz
Aurora Manufacturing Sluice Mike Mahr
Mini Propane Furnace Jamine Buck
Ethiopian Opal Specimen David Murray
Amethyst Crystal Eugene Knuttila
Megalodon Shark Tooth Tim McMahon
Creekside Mining Rocker Box Robert Devine
Columbian Amber Delta Gold Diggers
Gold Cube Delta Golddiggers
Mad Mining Dry Concentrator James McKenzie
Damascus Knife Delta Gold Diggers
Damascus knife Bradley Smith
Fisher Gold Bug Pro Detector Harold Clapper
White’s GMT Detector Kathy Walton
½ Ounce of Gold Show Me Gold Prospectors
Makro Racer Detector Emmet Vaughn
Fisher F-19 Detector Henry & Dawn
1 Ounce of Gold Tony Lavalle
Gold Buddy Dredge Combo Leeza Robertson
Keene 151S Drywasher Show Me Gold Prospectors
Keene 173 Highbanker Bobby Schmitt
New 49ers Lifetime Membership Brent Fette
Minelab GPX 4500 Dana Haynes