PLP Board of Directors

After 26 years, PLP is still working hard to improve our operations and fight more effectively, doing all we can to preserve our Public Lands Rights. We are always looking for ways to run leaner and to be more successful with our endeavors. We take our role seriously and thank you who donate and join with us in the struggle to keep the rights we have been granted by leaders from past generations who had great foresight and acted on that wisdom.

So here we are again, another Annual Board Election. Just routine non-profit corporation requirements you say? Not so! We are growing and stretching as we have taken on more court cases and the HUGE task of supporting the Minerals and Mining Advisory Council (MMAC), getting it running and self-sustaining is an ambitious project. To that end we have expanded our Board of Directors and changed positions so as to better utilize our time and talents in various ways, sort of a cross training exercise if you will.

The 2016 Board of Directors:

Ron Kliewer, President

Walt Wegner, Immediate Past President, Treasurer

Jerry Shodall, Vice President

Barry Wetherby, Director, PLP Founder

Pat Keene, Director, PLP Founder

Bill Samarin, Director

Ray Kender, Secretary

Dwayne Platz, Recording Secretary

Timothy Eakin, Director


These are your PLP volunteer Board of Directors. No one gets paid to serve; we serve because we are dedicated to the cause of Freedom and the rights granted us by our forefathers under the Constitution, the 1872 Mining Act and other rights granted by U.S. Law, One Nation, Under God.

It can be lost with one generation of apathy. Some freedom has been lost already. We are working hard to Take It Back and Keep It!

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