PLP Board of Directors election March 2

Dear Members of Public Lands for the People,

Thank you for being a supporting member of PLP. We can’t be successful in the fight to keep our public lands open to multiple use without your help. We have had many successes over the years, including the HUGE Federal Preemption win in San Bernardino last year in the combined dredging cases. When many folks band together to do something, a lot gets accomplished! Part of our mission is reaching out to those within the mining community and to other outdoor user groups. We can use your help on the Board, on special projects like research or at fundraising events and getting the word out. We can’t do it without YOU!

As you know, PLP is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation. All donations are tax deductible according to the IRS. As a non-profit organization, we have certain rules and regulations that we must follow to maintain our tax-exempt status. One of those things is maintaining the corporate structure, including a volunteer Board of Directors. No one on the Board gets paid for their service to PLP. The Board of Directors guides the direction of PLP, and is charged with the responsibility of carefully dispersing funds in the fight to keep our rights. The funds are most often used for legal expenses and costs incurred for fundraising, and getting our message out to other user groups, the media, etc.

The Board of Directors will be having their next election of approximately half the Board of Directors next Wednesday, March 2, 6 pm at:

3120 El Sebo Avenue, Hacienda Heights CA 91745

Please show up and vote, it’s your right as a PLP Member in good standing. Hope to see you there!

Thank you,

Ron Kliewer

On behalf of your Board of Directors,

Public Lands for the People

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