2022 Grand Raffle WINNERS!

Thank you to all our donors and all who participated by purchasing tickets! We are gearing up for the 2023 Grand Raffle, contact us if you would like to donate a prize.

The 2022 GRAND RAFFLE Winners are:
Razor Gators donated by www.goldrushtradingpost.com :Calvin Courtnier
Reinke Mining Adventure One year membership donated by www.reinkegoldmining.com :Bruce Madson
Reinke Mining Adventure One year membership www.reinkegoldmining.com :Roger Plata
One Day Trip with Reinke Mining Adventures www.reinkegoldmining.com :Marilyn Nunes
3 0r 4-day Roaring Camp Trip donated by www.roaringcampgold.com :Eras Gattshall
Quarter Ounce gold nugget donated by www.minerskeepers.com :Frank Benard
4-Stack Gold Cube donated by www.goldcube.net :Rocky Tester
Gold Fever Adventure Campground trip donated by http://www.goldfeveradventuresandresort.com/ :Eric Murray
Gold/Quartz specimens donated by MeetingoftheMines7@gmail.com :Tom Neumeyer
Thompson Puffer donated by www.madmining.com :Roger Plata
Minelab Equinox donated by www.theminerscache.com :Harry A. Phillips
Fisher Gold Bug 2 donated by www.fisherlab.com :Bob Carlson
Sierra Blaster donated by www.sierrablaster.com :Robert Daugherty
1 week Skookum Alaska Mining Trip donated by the Harmon Family www.skookumgoldcamp.com :Kim Holmes
New ’49ers LIFE Membership donated by PLP Member Richard Haynes :Stulc
20 Acre Placer Claim donated by Ron Kliewer :Rick Tucker

32 Silver Round winners, donated by PLP for 32 years fighting for your rights!
Jordan Ayotte (won 4 times)
Steven Sherer
Joyce Hughan (won three times)
Frank Benard (won three times)
Robert Davies
Steven Gessler
Calvin Courtnier
Dave Ridenhour
Roger Plata
George Montgomery (won twice)
Teresa Wyckoff
Bill Flint
Kim Holmes (won twice)
Walt Dupois
Eric Murrey
Cindy Shodall
Bob Souza
Roger Sims
Jesse Jimenez (won twice)
Larry Nixon
Julie Hanson

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